Other sites of interest


homepage of the "Birgit-Lotz-Verlag" (publications) and Rainer E. Lotz, who publishes the German national discography as well as his own auction lists. On this homepage you will find discographies of German record companies as well as useful links to other sites in the net.


homepage of Michael Ladwig, organizer of the "Deutsche Jazzplattenbörse" in Hannover.on Michael´s homepage records are offered on a fix price basis as well as on auction basis. There are some interesting informations and links available on his list.


homepage of Christian Zwarg who does an excellent job on discographical research as well as producing excellent transfers from 78rpm originals to CD. On Christian´s homepage the company discographies of some early record labels can be found.


Nathan Bennett-Levy´s website. There he offers a good quantity of classical vocal/operatic records from rare to not so uncommon at set prices. Nathan runs his mail order company in Scotland.