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"Antiquariat und Archiv historischer Tonträger",
one of Europe´s leading trading companies for vintage 78rpm records

Antiquariat und Archiv historischer Tonträger, Inh. Andreas Schmauder
Bohrerstr. 7
D-79289 Horben
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What is Phonopassion ?

After collecting vintage 78rpm records and gramophones/phonographs over many years Andreas Schmauder and his wife Maria Kurz have installed their vintage record trading company for all impassioned collectors. Situated close to Freiburg im Breisgau PHONOPASSION is one of the most important trading houses of its kind in Europe. PHONOPASSION mainly works as a mail-order house but visitors are warmly welcome. On 250 square meters you will find a choice of more than 300.000 vintage records from the gramophone era (1890-1960) and a small selection of historic record players and radios.
Record archive
Record archive

What do we supply ?

We are selling all kinds of 78rpm records:
  • Personality/ Cabaret/ Popular songs
  • Vocal groups (Comedian Harmonists, Revellers, Boswell Sisters and similar ensembles)
  • Dance bands from the beginning (ragtime) into the 50s
  • US-Jazz (original issues, German and international pressings)
  • European Jazz/ Hot dance from the 20s into the 50s in order by countries
  • Rock ´n Roll/ Rhythm ´n Blues/ 50s Pop
  • Folk music/ Ethnic recordings from all over the world with a focus on Northern Alpine recordings
  • Rare record labels
  • March music/ Propaganda/ Recordings of historic interest
  • Instrumentalists (non classical) in an order by instrument
  • Speech/ Talking/ Declamation
  • Children´s records/ Fairy tales/ Walt Disney records
  • Publicity records/ Records for events such as birthday, wedding, Saint´s day
  • Picture discs
  • Curiosities/ Oddities (sound recordings, live recordings, special sizes..)


  • Operatic/ Song
  • Classical Instrumental: Piano, violin, cello and other instruments
  • Small instrumental ensembles
  • Symphonic Orchestras/ Conductors

Besides of gramophones and phonographs, collectors can find gramophone needles, needle tins, contemporary publicity material, posters of recording artists from the 20s to 50s, old record catalogues and collectors books like discographies
PHONOPASSION offers the first and only complete discography and recording history of the famous a capella vocal group COMEDIAN HARMONISTS and their successors for sale.

How can I buy at PHONOPASSION ?

Besides of those 200.000 records available at fix prices in our sales/showrooms, we offer about 5000 records in our annual auction lists to the highest bidder. Sale by auction list has been one of the traditional ways of selling in the record collectors world for over 50 years.
Early in the year we present a list of classical music, in late summer the auction list of all other fields of vintage record collecting is mailed to our customers. While the auction is running (at least 6 weeks) the auction list is to be found on our homepage as well. We also offer a small list of records at fix prices is to be found as well which is intended to change after 4-6 weeks.

To get on the mailing list of PHONOPASSION, please leave your name and full address on the from to be found at CONTACT. Please mention your wants and we will do our best to offer you the records you like at a fix price. If you wish to get our auction list mailed, please check the type of list required.

What else can be found at PHONOPASSION ?

In our showroom a small exhibition of historic record players can be viewed as well as contemporary publicity material, needle tins and other phono and recording memorabilia. Exhibition objects are not for sale.
Connected to the trading company is an archive of early European jazz/hot dance. The EURO-JAZZ ARCHIVE, containing over 5000 records, tries to gather all recordings of importance for the early history of Jazz in Europe. Focused on recordings of the 1920s and early 30s the archive also documents the whole history of jazz in Europe until the late 50s.
needle tins
A small selection of our needle tins

How to find us ?

The sales/showrooms are situated about 5 kilometers south of Freiburg in the historic "Friedrichshof" a late 19th century Hotel building close to the funicular station of the famous "Schauinslandbahn" (longest German funicular). Coming from the motorway (exit Freiburg Mitte) after about 4 kilometers you will pass a first set of trafic lights and turn to your right on the second lights after about 300 meters. Follow the road through Freiburg-Günterstal until you will reach behind 500 meters driving through a wooden area a small settlement called "Bohrer". "Friedrichshof" is the big yellow building on your right at the main road.
Access from the Freiburg railway station is also easy: any tramway direction town center, change at "Bertholdsbrunnen" to tramway line 2 to Günterstal, from the end aiming point a bus line goes to "Schauinslandbahn" or "Horben". This bus has a stop directly at "Friedrichshof", which is situated on the other side of the street.

The Phonopassion Showroom